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  The MONO Years  


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Stan White speakers



Duke Ellington is the only musician ever given the title: „Mr. Hi Fi“
by both the Chicago and New York Hi Fi shows.
To show appreciation, Ellington composed the suite: „Such Sweet Thunder“
as a special tribute to Hi Fi. The Ellington tour bus carried „Mr. Hi Fi“
in large letters on the side of the bus for several years.


Here we see Janice and the marvelous 4-D speaker at the Chicago HiFi Show, held at the Palmer House. It was the first year that we didn't need DC to AC converters (Chicago had been on DC before)

We had three rooms, the "big room' (the 4-D), the middle room (the Esquire) and the small room (the La Petitte).

Everyone was there. We offered a $1,000.00 to anyone who could beat our 4D on an A-B test with an audience. The test was rigged--We had a 500 Wt. McIntosh (outdoor theater amp). No other speaker at the show could handle that much power.

When Mac came in the room and listened, he got so excited, he cried. The transient was over 1000 wts.

When we put on a demonstration, a 20 ft. by 20 ft. room would get so packed you couldn't move (over 200 people).




A photo of Duke Ellington at the Hi Fi show where he was named "Mr. Hi Fi".

The Stan White room was 100% devoted to Ellington. "Ellington 55" record was just out.

With us was Red Saunders, owner, Club Delisa and former drummer with Ellington.



  The STEREO Years  



"Big Shot" with Free Air Tweeter -
A radical concept to minimize phase
distortion (minimized baffle reflections)



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